Pure Sniper MOD APK Download latest version{Unlimited Gold, Money}

Pure Sniper Mod Apk Download latest version

Pure Sniper MOD APK offers endless excitement with unlimited gold, enhanced effects, new game modes, improved stability, and infinite energy. Every game mode has unique challenges that test your sniping skills and engage you for a long time. 

Additional App Info

App NamePure Sniper: Gun Shooter Games
App VersionV 500234
Size157 MB
Compatible withAndroid 5.1 and up
Downloads 50M+
Ratings 4.6
Get it On
UpdateRecent Updated
PriceFree to use
  • Customizations 
  • Expanded Weaponry 
  • No Ads 
  • New Game Modes

Pure Sniper is a fantastic strategic sniper shooting game developed by Miniclip.com. It has over fifty million downloads solely from the Google Play Store while maintaining an excellent rating of 4.6 by the reviewers. It features various shooting guns and multiple engaging game modes to hook players for an extended period. For more information, continue reading this article. 

What is Pure Sniper MOD APK?

Pure Sniper MOD APK is an alternative altered version of the game, which third-party developers typically develop to eliminate all the limitations from the game and provide free access to all the premium features such as the unlocked weapons, unlimited Gold, other in-game currency, enhanced visuals, and many others. However, this mod has never been developed with official developers’ consent. However, it’s still an excellent choice to experience this game with full potential without any costs.

Pure Sniper Mod Apk

Challenges and GamePlay Overview

In APK Pure Sniper, Players take on the role of an elite sniper to take on a thrilling campaign while facing various challenges and missions that test their precision and tactical skills.

Challenges and GamePlay Overview in Pure Sniper Mod Apk

Sniper Main Campaign

In this mode, players are assigned adventurous tasks to eliminate high-profile targets in cities worldwide. Each mission in the Campaign offers a unique challenge to push your sniping skills to the limit. Shooters can explore immersive virtual reality environments with interactive sights that enhance their precision and immersion in the game.

Gun Range Competition

It’s another engaging game mode that tests players’ shooting skills in intense gun range competitions. It randomly assigns targets, which can be short or long distances. This challenge is perfect for showcasing your shooting prowess and accuracy.

Gun Range Competition in Pure Sniper Mod Apk

Hostage Rescues

In this intense mode, players have to use all their sniping skills to save innocent hostages from the clutches of dangerous criminals. They have to navigate through tense situations, carefully taking out threats while ensuring the safety of the hostages. Snipers should have Quick reflexes and precise shooting to succeed in these high-stakes missions.

Help The Police

While playing this mode, players collaborate or join law enforcement forces to bring down armed criminals in intense urban firefights. They are usually assigned the sniper role to provide support from a distance, eliminate threats, and assist officers on the ground to restore peace and order. 

Helicopter Assault

In this mode, Sniper goes up the sky while sitting on a helicopter, showing off their sniping skills while eliminating challenging targets through the most difficult terrains. With enemies closing in from all directions, players must maintain their focus and precision to emerge victorious in this thrilling mode.

Throughout the game, players can upgrade their arsenal with advanced sniper rifles, optics, and equipment to enhance their performance in the field. Pure Sniper delivers an immersive and challenging experience for fans of precision shooting games.

With realistic ballistics and dynamic environments.

Helicopter Assault in Pure Sniper Mod Apk

What benefits does it give?

The gameplay of Pure Sniper Mobile game offers several benefits for players:

  • The game demands players to maintain focus and concentration to accurately aim and eliminate targets, which helps improve cognitive skills.
  • Players must synchronize their hand movements with what they see on the screen to effectively aim and shoot, enhancing hand-eye coordination. 
  • It helps to improve reaction time in real life, as Quick reflexes are crucial for reacting to fast-paced situations in the game. 
  • Including virtual reality environments in the primary campaign mode allows players to explore new virtual spaces and experience immersive gameplay.

System Requirements for Pure Sniper MOD APK

Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 or above
RAMMinimum 4 GB
ProcessorOcta-Core Processor, Min 2.0 GHz
PermissionStorage, wifi, Location, Gallery
StorageMinimum 2 GB

Features of Pure Sniper MOD APK

Unlimited Gold

Pure Sniper APK version provides unlimited gold access, allowing you to purchase all your favorite upgrades, gear, and equipment without any restrictions. 

The infinite supply of gold and other in-game money ensures that nothing stands between you and your ideal loadout.

Enhanced Effects

In Pure Sniper mod apk, the developers put extra effort into bringing the visual experience to life with stunning details. Players can Feel the adrenaline rush as they watch bullets whizz past the scope and witness the impact of shots with enhanced particle effects. With these enhancements, every mission becomes a cinematic spectacle you will remember.

Expanded Content

The mod introduces new missions, challenges, and scenarios, providing players fresh content to explore and conquer. This extended gameplay keeps the experience engaging and exciting for rookie and veteran players.

Expanded Content in Pure Sniper Mod Apk

Infinite Energy

It’s time to say goodbye to waiting for your energy to recharge and dive into sniper missions, as while playing the mod version, players never run out of energy with infinite energy features. The only limit to your sniper prowess is your skill and determination, with endless energy at your disposal. 

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How to Download and Install Mod Apk?

You can download the Pure Sniper mod game by following the steps below.

  • If you already have the Pure Sniper: Gun Shooter Games from the Play Store, uninstall it first.
  • Click the download button available at the start of this article. 
  • Goto > File Manager app > Open the downloaded game file.
  • Go to > settings > enable > unknown source
  • Click the Installation button and wait to complete this process.

What is new in the Mod Apk?

  • New Campaign Zone 21
  • Forty New Campaign Missions
  • New Weapons
  • New Manhunt 
  • Contract Missions


It’s safe to download and install this mod version of the pure Sniper Mobile game from this platform.

This mod version supports Android 5.1+ devices only. 

Yes, this mod version is free of any cost. 


In conclusion, the game delivers an unmatched experience with a fantastic combination of immersive gameplay and diverse challenges. Further, it offers endless excitement with unlimited gold, enhanced effects, new game modes, improved stability, and infinite energy. Every game mode has unique challenges that test your sniping skills and engage you for a long time. 

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