Rebel Racing Mod APK Download latest version{Unlimited Money and Gems}

Rebel Racing Mod Apk Download latest version

Rebel Racing Mod Apk allows players to unlock all cars and upgrade and customize cars according to their interests, which helps to make their vehicle very unique compared to others.

Additional App Info

App NameRebel Racing Mod APK
App VersionV25.00.18437
Size732 MB
Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
DeveloperHutch Games
Downloads 50M+
Ratings 4.5
Get it On
UpdateRecent Updated
PriceFree to use
  • Experience Epic Moments
  • Pleasing Music 
  • Leaderboard

Rebel Racing Mod Apk is an adrenaline-fueled racing game developed by Hutch Games. This game has over fifty million play store downloads, which are decent figures. The game is available for smartphones, with high-speed racing, stunning graphics, and an awesome gaming experience. Players can drive a wide range of cars available and compete in various races across different tracks.

The Rebel Racing Mod Apk game features cars from well-known manufacturers like Porsche, BMW, and Aston Martin. Players get to experience the thrill of driving some of the most iconic cars in the world. Rebel Racing is a game that will keep players engaged and hooked for hours with its realistic physics and fast-paced gameplay. 

Furthermore, for those looking to take their gaming experience to the next level, a mod application is available for Rebel Racing, as the official version has many restrictions and locked features, which limits the gaming experience. That’s where Rebel Racing Mod apk comes in, which unlocks its full potential. Continue reading the article to know more about it.

What is Rebel Racing Mod Apk?

Rebel Racing mod apk is a modified version of the original Rebel Racing game that provides additional features and benefits to its users. It allows players to unlock all cars and upgrade and customize cars according to their interests, which helps to make their vehicle very unique compared to others. Furthermore, it provides unlimited gold and game currency, which are useful for purchasing in-game items, mostly used while upgrading cars. 

However, modded versions are not endorsed by the official game developers. Players who want to download and use the mod application must find a reliable source, such as our platform, to download it. We have already taken all the security measures to provide you with a secure and uninterrupted gameplay experience.

Rebel Racing Mod Apk

Challenges and GamePlay Overview

Rebel Racing Mod Apk offers players an exciting and challenging gameplay experience. The game features different modes, including circuit races, time trials, drag races, and special event races. Each race has unique challenges and difficulty levels with different tracks and pro-level opponents. It tests your driving skills and hand-eye coordination. 

In-Circuit races, players compete against opponents on a closed course. The challenge is finishing the game within a given time limit without collision. Furthermore, in drag races mode, players must shift gears at the right time to maximize speed and beat their competitors in a straight-line race. Other modes also have their unique challenges and missions. 

In Addition, As players progress through the game, they earn experience points, level up, and unlock new tracks and cars. Players can also upgrade their cars with better tires, brakes, and engines to improve their racing performance. The game’s controls make it easy to pick up and play, while its challenging gameplay ensures the player will always have a new challenge to overcome.

Rebel Racing Mod Apk Challenges and GamePlay Overview

What benefits does it give?

Rebel Racing mod apk provides several benefits and advantages to users not available in the original version of the the Rebel Racing game. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Unlock All Cars: This mod apk allows players to choose any car available in the game from the beginning. Players don’t have to spend money or reach any specific level to unlock vehicles. 
  • Unlimited Cash and Gold: Players will get unlimited in-game currency, such as cash and gold, which are useful for the the upgradation and customizing of the cars. This feature eliminates the need to spend real money and allows players to customize cars according to their preferences. 
  • No Advertisement: This modified version also removes annoying ads from the game, which ensures an uninterrupted and smooth gameplay experience. 
  • Upgrade Cars to unlock full potential: Allows players to upgrade their cars to their maximum potential, which provides a significant advantage over the other players in the race. 

Overall, using a mod application provides a more enhanced, smooth, and enjoyable gameplay experience by removing the need to spend real money and unlocking all the cars.

System Requirements for Rebel Racing Mod Apk

Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 or above
RAMMinimum 4 GB
ProcessorOcta-Core Processor, Min 2.0 GHz
PermissionStorage, wifi, Location, Gallery
StorageMinimum 2 GB

Features of Rebel Racing Mod Apk

Realistic Driving Physics

Rebel Racing Mod Apk offers a realistic driving physics system that gives players a challenging gaming experience. The physics system accurately replicates the behavior of real-life cars, providing players with a realistic feel for each car they drive. The car’s handling, acceleration, and braking are all realistically simulated, making it challenging to master the race.

Realistic Driving in Rebel Racing Mod Apk

West Coast Locations

Rebel Racing Mod Apk features a variety of stunning West Coast locations that provide players with a diverse and breathtaking backdrop for their races. Players can race through some of the most iconic locations on the West Coast, such as the sun-drenched beaches of Santa Monica to the bustling streets of San Francisco.

Speed Boast Add-ons

Rebel Racing Mod Apk offers a variety of speed booster add-ons that allow players to customize their cars and enhance their performance. Players can modify their cars to their liking and gain an edge over opponents with nitrous boosters to advanced engine upgrades.

Customize Dream Cars

Players can customize their dream cars and create a unique, personalized racing experience. The game features a variety of customization options, including paint jobs, decals, and body kits. Players can also upgrade their cars’ performance and customize their engine, suspension, and brakes according to their liking. 

Players can customize their dream cars in Rebel Racing Mod Apk

High Definition Graphics

Rebel Racing Mod Apk features high-definition graphics that bring the game’s West Coast locations and cars to life. The game’s attention to detail and stunning visuals provide players with an immersive and enjoyable racing experience. 

High Definition Best Graphics in Rebel Racing Mod Apk
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How to Download and Install Rebel Racing Mod Apk

This Mod Apk version is very easy to download and install. Follow the following steps given below:

  • Initially, if you have already installed Rebel Racing from the Play Store, it would be best if you uninstalled it. 
  • Now, open our website and click the “download” button, which is available at the beginning of this article.
  • After Downloading, Goto > file manager app > Open the downloaded game apk file.
  • Go to > settings > enable > unknown source
  • Click on “Install,” wait for a few moments, and then follow the instructions given by the app.


What is new in the Mod APK

  • Some Bugs have been fixed. 
  • Enhanced Gameplay
  • Some minor changes


You can play time trial mode offline; its other features require an internet connection. 

You will get unlimited in-game currency instantly as you install this mod apk on your Android device.

Rebel Racing Mod apk is free to download, install and play. 


In Conclusion, Rebel Racing Mod Apk is an exciting and challenging racing game that offers players the to play multiple modes, drive cars from famous manufacturers, and stunning graphics. The game’s easy control and challenging gameplay provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Furthermore, this mod apk provides players with additional features such as unlocked cars and unlimited games currency without paying any money to enhance their gaming experience.

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