Westland Survival MOD APK Download the latest version

Westland Survival Mod Apk Download the latest version

Westland Survival MOD APK is an adventure genre mobile game in the Wild West that offers players an immersive and challenging gaming experience.

Additional App Info

App NameWestland Survival MOD APK
App VersionV 7.2.0
Size483 MB
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
DeveloperHelio Games
Downloads 10M
Ratings 4.1
Get it On
UpdateRecent Updated
PriceFree to use
  • Hunt wild animals
  • No ban
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Smooth
  • Deadly Ancient Caves

Step into the untamed frontier of the American Wild West in Westland Survival, where grits and wits are your best companions. This adventurous game was developed by Helio Games having more than one crore or ten million downloads. In this game, you’ll find yourself thrust into a lawless land where survival is a battle against the unforgivable wilderness. 

Can you build a thriving and thrilling homestead, forge powerful alliances, and conquer the challenges and obstacles awaiting you? If you’re an adventurous person, you must try this game, as it has all the elements to make a huge place in your heart. Continue reading this article to figure out more about this wild world. 

What is Westland Survival MOD APK?

Westland Survival MOD APK is an altered, enhanced, and modified version of the original Westworld Survival. This version includes multiple modifications such as unlimited resources, guides, and many other things that are very helpful to progress and survive in this wild but fantastic gaming world. However, you must use a trustworthy platform to use any mod version, as it can cause some damage, too. But, while using our services, you never need to worry about anything as we greatly care about our users. 

What is Westland Survival Mod Apk

Challenges and GamePlay Overview:

Westland Survival MOD APK is an adventure genre mobile game in the Wild West that offers players an immersive and challenging gaming experience. Here’s an overview of its gameplay and the challenges you might encounter:

  • The game transports you to the lawless frontier of the Wild West, where you must carve out your existence in an unforgiving and harsh environment. 
  • In the game, your prime objective is survival. This includes a collection of resources such as wood, stone, and food to craft essential items. 
  • You’ll build or construct your homestead and add workbenches, farms, and defensive structures to fend off threats. 
  • Crafting is another significant aspect of the game. You’ll need to create weapons, equipment, and tools to protect yourself and for progression through the game. 
  • While in the wilderness to explore the vast and dangerous world. Be prepared to face the wild and evil animals and other threats during your travels. 
  • Combat plays another crucial and significant role in Westworld Survival. You have to engage in gunfights, use weapons like revolvers and rifles, and develop your combat skills to defend against hostile and other players in the game. 
  • The game features a storyline with quests and missions that provide objectives and goals to guide your progression. 

Challenges in Westland Survival MOD APK can range from surviving the elements, battles against dangerous wildlife, and eliminating hostile players to managing your resources effectively and completing quests. The game’s dynamic world and multiplayer aspects make it exciting and unpredictable by offering a unique survival experience. 

Challenges and GamePlay Overview in Westland Survival Mod Apk

What benefits does it give?

Westland Survival MOD APK offers several benefits to players, which include:

  • It provides an entertaining gaming experience set in the wild, allowing players to enjoy an exciting storyline and adventure. 
  • Players must strategize their plans carefully to thrive and survive in the game. This aspect is very helpful in improving strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  • Players are required to craft items and build structures, which encourages creativity and design skills as they create their own Westland. 
  • The game features a multiplayer mode, where players can form alliances and work together. This promotes teamwork and cooperation. 
  • The mod version offers many benefits, including unlimited resources and other useful elements. 

System Requirements for Westland Survival MOD APK

Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 or above
RAMMinimum 2 GB
ProcessorOcta-Core Processor, Min 2.0 GHz
PermissionStorage, wifi, Location, Gallery
StorageMinimum 2 GB

Features of Westland Survival MOD APK

Advertisement Free

One of the mod version’s outstanding features includes removing annoying and repetitive ads that disturb the gaming experience. Nowadays, monetizing applications to generate revenue has become normal, but it improves the user experience. However, we take our users more than some bucks. 

Construct Wild West Ranch

It would be best to build a secure ranch to protect yourself from all the dangerous things, such as wildlife, animals, and other opponents. You can get unlimited rare materials and craft workbenches, which are very helpful in constructing a fully protective ranch. 

Construct Wild West Ranch in Westland Survival Mod Apk

Unlimited Blueprints

Blueprints are very useful but rare elements in the game that are difficult to find or have to spend real money on, as these are used for weapons crafting. In the mod version, you will get an infinite supply of these blueprints to craft your desired weapons without worrying about running out of Blueprints. 

Stable Ride Horse

As a CowBoy, you must have a horse and have a strong grip on horse riding, as your importance is nothing without horse riding. You will also have to build a shelter for your horse, and the ranch simulator is very useful. Furthermore, mod provides all the essential materials used in its building. 

Stable Ride Horse in Westland Survival Mod Apk
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How to Download and Install Westland Survival MOD APK?

You can download the Westland Survival mod apk version by following the steps below.

  • If you already have the Westland Survival application from the Play Store, uninstall it first.
  • Click the download button available in this article. 
  • Goto > File Manager app > Open the downloaded game file.
  • Go to > settings > enable > unknown source
  • Click the Installation button and wait to complete this process.

What is new in the Mod APK

  • Showoff Achievements
  • Tales Upgrades
  • Manes Upgradation
  • Simplified metal parts
  • Easier Ranch Management
  • Workbanchey Elimination


Yes, Westland Survival is free to download and play for everyone. 

No, this mod apk is available for Android devices only.

The storyline and quests are the main reason for its popularity.


In Conclusion, Westland Survival MOD APK offers players a thrilling and amazing journey into the Wild West, where survival instincts are tested in a challenging frontier. The game not only entertains but also fosters Strategic thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills with a dynamic combination of resource management, combat, crafting, and multiplayer interaction. The official version has some restrictions and limitations for gamers, but the modified version removes all the hurdles to provide a comprehensive gameplay experience to all players. 

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